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Make someone happy!

IF Money Does Not Make YOU Happy?

Hi, my name is John Thompson. Speaking and listened to people over the years there seem to be many things that people feel are important to their happiness. However, few list money as crucial to their happiness. Things that people say make them happy typically include (in no particular order):-

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Relationships
  • Children
  • Health
  • Work
  • Fame
  • Power
  • Recognition

BUT Money Makes ME Happy

Not everyone is completely fulfilled by these things, or even has all of them, but it would appear that I am different to most people because money is crucial to my happiness. Here are some reasons why money makes me happy, and conversely its absence makes me unhappy:-

  • Life could be really special. Really special, if I had the money and therefore the freedom to embrace it. What a wasted opportunity life seems to be to not be able to make the best of it simply because people that don't need money for their happiness are the ones with it, and all the potential of life is just out of my grasp because I cannot afford to reach out at touch it.
  • There are many things that I want to do with my life. Many of these things require money, but all require time. It is difficult to do these things if I have to continually seek work to make money simply to survive.
  • My career opportunities do not meet my ambitions, which frustrates me and reduces my enjoyment of life as well as preventing me from achiving my potential for society. I need money to setup businesses and other ventures that will be beneficial for both myself and others.
  • I am intrinsically insecure about my ability to pay bills, rent, pension, etc and this blights my enjoyment of life. This insecurity has set me appart from other people I know.
  • I need a large enough home to accommodate my interests and entertain my friends and family.
  • I need money before I am too old to properly benefit from it. Yes health is important, but only if you have the means to enjoy life with that health.

THEN Please DONATE Money!

As some people have money that is not crucial to their happiness it makes sense for them to give some of that money to people that would appreciate it more. As I am uncommon in that money is so important to my happiness it makes sense for some of that money to be given to me, for my happiness. Therefore, if you have any surplus money then please make a donation below. You may only have £10 or a £100 to spare, but if you are very rich then you may donate as much as £100,000 or £1,000,000, as you feel able.

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