Bonsai is the art of growing real trees to give the appearance of trees from the wild, only in miniature. In fact some forms of bonsai attempt to directly mimic trees that have naturally gown small or stunted, in the wild. This can happen in the wild because, perhaps, the tree has not been able to set root in deep enough soil, or because of grazing keeping the plant from growing beyond a certain size.

Although, with a little tender loving care, it is easy to keep a bonsai tree, the best results require patience, perseverance and attentiveness. Some bonsai trees, which may be small, can be over a hundred years old. As such embarking on bonsai with real enthusiasm could become a life long journey, as you will be just one custodian of many to care for and nurture your trees.

This site will provide general information about bonsai, including varieties of trees, equipment, and techniques for achieving good results. I shall also put some information about my rather modest bonsai, more for my benefit than the general publics.